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Jump to navigation. It decided that, as of 15 September , MINUSCA will initially comprise up to 10, military personnel, including military observers and staff officers and 1, police personnel, including formed police unit personnel and individual police officers, and 20 corrections officers. A transitional government has since been established and entrusted with restoring peace. The conflict however has taken on increasingly sectarian overtones by December as the mainly Christian anti-Balaka anti-machete movement took up arms and inter-communal clashes erupted again in and around Bangui. Months of violence led to wrecked State institutions, leaving millions on the brink of starvation and threatened to suck in the wider region. Thousands of people are believed to have been killed, and 2. As of March , more than , people have been internally displaced, with more than , in the capital, Bangui, alone. The UN Integrated Peacebuilding Office in the Central African Republic BINUCA , which had been deployed to the country since January to help consolidate peace and strengthen democratic institutions, had to adjust its priorities but continued to stay throughout the crisis despite the looting of its offices and staff residences and the curtailing of its operations due to insecurity.

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UNFPA is based in the country since and provides humanitarian support, including reproductive health supplies such as clean delivery kits, male and female contraceptives, and medical equipment. Issue date: 10 January The designations employed and the presentation of material on the map do not imply the expression of any opinion whatsoever on the part of UNFPA concerning the legal status of any country, territory, city or area or its authorities, or concerning the delimitation of its frontiers or boundaries.

In the Central African Republic (CAR), a woman is a victim of sexual and gender-​based violence almost every hour. A limited number of survivors can access.

Internal displacement in the Central African Republic CAR has been driven over decades by coups, internal armed conflict, generalised violence, human rights violations and natural hazards. The government has an acute lack of authority. Fighting between armed groups and human rights abuses including massacres, killings, looting and gender-based violence GBV are daily occurrences perpetrated by all parties to the conflict.

Armed pastoralists and bandits known locally as coupeurs de route have also increasingly attacked civilians and forced people to flee their homes. In recent months, the insecurity and violence have centred on western and central areas of the country, where most of the new displacement reported since the beginning of has taken place. In recognition of the continuing instability affecting the country, a national forum held in the capital Bangui in May recommended delaying the elections scheduled for August.

At the time of writing, however, no new date had been set. Tags Country overview.

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The situation in Central African Republic remains volatile and unpredictable one year after armed clashes broke out. Close to , have fled to neighbouring countries. IFRC has launched an appeal for The appeal is to date only 12 per cent funded, which is seriously undermining the humanitarian operations. The emergency in Central African Republic, while slowly improving, continues to have dramatic humanitarian consequences for people throughout the country.

Date of entry: Consistent with the Administrative Decision on Resumption of Exports of Rough Diamonds from the Central African Republic (July ).

It is bordered by Chad to the north , Sudan to the northeast , South Sudan to the southeast , the Democratic Republic of the Congo to the south , the Republic of the Congo to the southwest and Cameroon to the west. As of [update] , the CAR is the scene of a civil war, ongoing since Most of the CAR consists of Sudano-Guinean savannas , but the country also includes a Sahelo – Sudanian zone in the north and an equatorial forest zone in the south. Two-thirds of the country is within the Ubangi River basin which flows into the Congo , while the remaining third lies in the basin of the Chari , which flows into Lake Chad.

What is today the Central African Republic has been inhabited for millennia; however, the country’s current borders were established by France , which ruled the country as a colony starting in the late 19th century. After gaining independence from France in , the Central African Republic was ruled by a series of autocratic leaders, including an abortive attempt at a monarchy ; [10] by the s, calls for democracy led to the first multi-party democratic elections in The Central African Republic Bush War began in and, despite a peace treaty in and another in , civil war resumed in , perpetuating the country’s poor human rights record , characterized by widespread and increasing abuses by various participating armed groups, such as arbitrary imprisonment, torture and restrictions on freedom of the press and freedom of movement.

Despite its significant mineral deposits and other resources, such as uranium reserves, crude oil , gold , diamonds , cobalt , lumber , and hydropower , [11] as well as significant quantities of arable land , the Central African Republic is among the ten poorest countries in the world, with the lowest GDP per capita at purchasing power parity in the world as of Approximately 10, years ago, desertification forced hunter-gatherer societies south into the Sahel regions of northern Central Africa, where some groups settled.

Products were often moved in ceramic pots, which are the first known examples of artistic expression from the region’s inhabitants. The Bouar Megaliths in the western region of the country indicate an advanced level of habitation dating back to the very late Neolithic Era c. Bananas arrived in the region during the first millennium BCE [23] and added an important source of carbohydrates to the diet; they were also used in the production of alcoholic beverages. Production of copper , salt , dried fish , and textiles dominated the economic trade in the Central African region.

During the 16th and 17th centuries slave traders began to raid the region as part of the expansion of the Saharan and Nile River slave routes.

Central African Republic and Chad

This page contains the full text of the PARLINE database entry on the selected parliamentary chamber, with the exception of Oversight and Specialized bodies modules which, because of their excessive length, can be only viewed and printed separately. Incompatibilities – membership of government – certain offices prefect, sub-prefect, judge held in the same constituency in the preceding two years – officers of armed forces who have held a territorial command in the same constituency Candidacy requirements – candidature must be submitted at least 25 days prior to elections.

A National Transitional Council CNT was established in April to oversee a transitional period twice extended and to draft a new constitution, which was adopted by referendum on 13 December The parliamentary and presidential elections initially took place on 30 December, but several candidates claimed that the elections were rigged. On 25 January, the Transitional Constitutional Court invalidated the first round of the parliamentary elections due to “many irregularities and the implication of candidates in these irregularities”.

Fresh parliamentary elections were held on 14 February in parallel with the run-off presidential elections.

of displacement have taken place in the Central African Republic (CAR) since by providing up to date information through multi-sector needs assessments.

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In early , an interim President was appointed in the Central African Republic. Mining accounted for about 2. In accordance with requirement 1. On 9 May the Board agreed to extend the suspension. This decision followed the resignation of the Interim president Michel Djotodia, in January , over criticism that he failed to stop sectarian violence. Mme Catherine Samba-Panza took over as interim leader with a mandate to restore peace and security and organise elections.

Her government submitted a request to the Board to extend the suspension of the CAR rather than delist it. Country-wide dissemination of the results of these reports continued through 16 EITI committees at district level in and It was published in December It was published in August GoodCorporation conducted the validation.

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Children face “staggeringly high” hunger in conflict-hit Central African Republic. The landlocked Central African Republic is one of the poorest nations in the world, located in an extremely volatile region and beset by constant political instability and upheaval, including a coup in when the government was overthrown amidst violence and looting. Given this instability, it has been extremely difficult to achieve economic growth or public health advances.

The U.

Multiple waves of displacement have taken place in the Central African and by providing up to date information through multi-sector needs assessments.

Central African Republic remains one of the most fragile countries in the world. A long history of political instability and micro-conflict characterize the security situation in CAR. The hopes of political stability and restoration of State authority after the elections have been slow to materialize leaving a plethora of armed groups fighting for the control of resources and land. The insecurity has led to a major humanitarian crisis.

As of November , more than , people were internally displaced and more than , refugees in neighbouring countries source: OCHA. The insecurity remains a major operational constraint for NGOs. It includes both criminal and conflict related events; serious i.

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The Central African Republic CAR has suffered from a complex humanitarian crisis since a protection crisis erupted at the end of Since then, the security situation in the country has remained extremely volatile. Continued displacement and violence have had serious humanitarian consequences for civilians. The ETC was activated in December in response to the crisis.

An Information and Learning hub, designated phone booths and common feedback mechanisms will facilitate access to information, help people contact loved ones and improve communication between the humanitarian community and IDPs. The ETC has set up a dedicated COVID call centre in the capital city of Bangui to disseminate information and national health guidelines to help slow the spread of the virus.

Health Alert – U.S. Embassy Bangui, Central African Republic (March 14, ) Consult the CDC website for the most up-to-date information.

For those with pre-existing health problems, an earlier appointment is recommended. A list of useful resources including advice on how to reduce the risk of certain health problems is available below. Travellers should be up to date with routine vaccination courses and boosters as recommended in the UK. Country specific diphtheria recommendations are not provided here. Diphtheria tetanus and polio are combined in a single vaccine in the UK.

Therefore, when a tetanus booster is recommended for travellers, diphtheria vaccine is also given.

UN Women in Central African Republic Renews Addressing and Preventing Gender Based Violence

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Central African Republic. Approval Date. (as of board presentation). July 30, Total Project Cost. US$ million. Implementing Agency. AETIPCA.

The panel was supposed to present its work plan to the committee during a meeting scheduled about a week later. However, the second meeting did not take place as Council meetings were postponed due to measures taken by the Security Council to prevent the spread of COVID The work plan has since been presented to the committee in written form. Consultations followed the public session. The statement condemned violations of the peace agreement perpetrated by armed groups and expressed concern at a recent campaign of disinformation and incitement to violence against MINUSCA.

Council members further called on the CAR authorities to ensure the holding of inclusive, free and timely elections in and The meeting was followed by consultations. On 9 April, the Council adopted a presidential statement , establishing benchmarks for suspending or progressively lifting arms embargo measures on the government o f the CAR. China and Russia abstained on the vote. On 3 April, Council members issued a press statement condemning the attack on a temporary operating base of MINUSCA in Tagbara prefecture of Ouaka on the same day, by suspected anti-Balaka elements, which resulted in one Mauritanian peacekeeper killed and 11 others injured.

On 11 April, Council members issued a press statement condemning an attack on MINUSCA in Bangui the day before by armed groups, which resulted in one Rwandan peacekeeper killed and eight others injured.

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Due to the current instability in C. We can arrange visits to Bangui, the low key capital of Central African Republic. However, C. Its vast biodiversity includes nearly species of butterflies, forest elephants and lowland gorillas.

Voter requirements, – Nationality of Central African Republic – age: 18 years or Date of previous elections: 23 January & 27 March Date of dissolution of.

Multiple waves of displacement have taken place in the Central African Republic CAR since as a result of conflict and widespread violence. During the past years, the humanitarian situation has seen a further deterioration following an intensification in the political and military crisis. Displacement has increased, and as of , nearly 1.

REACH has been present in the country since in order to fill information gaps by supporting the UN-led Rapid Response Mechanism and by providing up to date information through multi-sector needs assessments. Regular updates, key findings and contact information. Evidence pouring in from various market monitoring and analysis assessments showed the extent to which food security levels are being threatened in many countries. With this in mind, IMPACT Initiatives prompted a discussion with market monitoring and food security experts to further elaborate on the role of market monitoring and analysis systems, and the need for more granular data.

Central Africans continue to endure the many nefarious effects of a complex and severe humanitarian crisis. Yet for the first time in the country, and in spite of significant logistical and security challenges, a multi-sector needs assessment has been conducted to respond to the crisis in a targeted, prioritized and effective manner.

Following the de-escalation of active military operations in Iraq, the fighting has stabilised. The government has been encouraging IDPs to return to their area of origin, with camps progressively closing since June In spite of this recommendation, the vast majority of IDP households living in camps reported having no intention of returning to their area of origin.

It is with profound grief that we confirm the death of Darman Dungus, a member of the REACH team, and 4 other humanitarian workers and captives who were taken hostage by a non-state armed group in north-eastern Nigeria, Borno State, on June 8, Data collected on 9 March shows that the displaced population is highly vulnerable, and many basic humanitarian needs are unmet.

Central African Republic: Christians protecting Muslims from antibalak attacks