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Acute rheumatic fever and rheumatic heart disease in Australia

Back to Health A to Z. Bird flu, or avian flu, is an infectious type of influenza that spreads among birds. In rare cases, it can affect humans. There are lots of different strains of bird flu virus. Most of them don’t infect humans. But there are 4 strains that have caused concern in recent years:.

In Indonesia, the incidence rate (IR) of dengue fever reported cases were found in , from to ~35–40 per population in

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Immunisation against infectious disease

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Our Covid related resources page includes a list of some existing resources which may be useful when researching issues related to COVID Australian Institute of Health and Welfare Acute rheumatic fever and rheumatic heart disease in Australia. CVD Canberra: AIHW. Australian Institute of Health and Welfare. Acute rheumatic fever and rheumatic heart disease in Australia [Internet].

Get citations as an Endnote file : Endnote. PDF 2. The most common age for the first known ARF episode to occur was 5—14 years, with a rate of per , population. Acute rheumatic fever ARF refers to an autoimmune response to infection of the upper respiratory tract and possibly of the skin by group A streptococcus GAS bacteria.

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African swine fever virus used to occur primarily in Africa. There had been occasional incursions into Europe or America which apart from the endemic situation on the island of Sardinia always had been successfully controlled. But following an introduction of the virus in , it now has expanded its geographical distribution into Caucasus and Eastern Europe where it has not been controlled, to date.

African swine fever affects domestic and wild pig species, and can involve tick vectors. The ability of the virus to survive within a particular ecosystem is defined by the ecology of its wild host populations and the characteristics of livestock production systems, which influence host and vector species densities and interrelationships. There is no vaccine or treatment available.

The YF vaccine is only available at designated UK Yellow Fever (95% CI ​,) cases of severe YF in , resulting in 78, (95% CI have passed since the date vaccination became effective as stated on the.

Metrics details. Assessing the burden of rickettsial infections in Ontario, Canada, is challenging since rickettsial infections are not reportable to public health. In the absence of reportable disease data, we assessed the burden of rickettsial infections by examining patient serological data and clinical information. Our retrospective, cross-sectional study included patients who had Rickettsia serological testing ordered by their physician, in Ontario, from to We classified cases using a sensitive surveillance case definition: confirmed 4-fold increase in IgG titers between acute and convalescent sera with clinical evidence of infection , possible single positive sera with clinical evidence and previous rickettsial infection single positive sera without clinical evidence.

For confirmed and possible cases, the most common signs and symptoms were fever, headache, gastrointestinal complaints and maculopapular rash. The rates of rickettsial infections in Ontario are difficult to determine. Based on confirmed and possible cases, rates are low, but inclusion of previous rickettsial infection cases would indicate higher rates.

We highlight the need for education regarding the importance of testing acute and convalescent sera and consistent completion of the laboratory requisition in confirming rickettsial disease. We suggest further research in Ontario to investigate rickettsial agents in potential vectors and clinical studies employing PCR testing of clinical samples. Peer Review reports. Rickettsia are Gram-negative, obligate, intracellular bacteria Rickettsiales: Rickettsiaceae organized into three groups based on shared phylogenetics, pathology, vectors and arthropod hosts: 1 spotted fever group rickettsiae SFGR , 2 typhus group rickettsiae TGR and 3 ancestral group rickettsiae [ 1 ].

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In August , an outbreak of autochthonous chikungunya virus infections was declared for the first time in Europe. More than human cases were found in Italy, in two small towns close to Ravenna, in the Emilia Romagna province, on the Adriatic coast of Italy. The vector was Aedes albopictus, which was very abundant in the area. The virus was introduced by a traveller who came back from South-West India where the virus was spread. It was the first outbreak documented in a temperate climate country.

After the chikungunya fever outbreaks in the Indian Ocean in — and in Italy in , ECDC established a network for arthropod vector surveillance for human public health in order to improve the surveillance of vectors for infectious diseases VBORNET.

Department of Health. Q fever cases in Grampians Region. Status: Active. Date issued: 3 December Issued by: Dr Rosemary Lester, Chief Health Officer.

Thank you for visiting nature. You are using a browser version with limited support for CSS. To obtain the best experience, we recommend you use a more up to date browser or turn off compatibility mode in Internet Explorer. In the meantime, to ensure continued support, we are displaying the site without styles and JavaScript. A Nature Research Journal. Lassa fever LF is a zoonotic disease associated with acute and potentially fatal hemorrhagic illness caused by the Lassa virus LASV , a member of the family Arenaviridae.

It is generally assumed that a single infection with LASV will produce life-long protective immunity. This suggests that protective immunity induced by vaccination is an achievable goal and that cell-mediated immunity may play a more important role in protection, at least following natural infection.

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In Indonesia, the incidence rate IR of dengue fever reported increase almost in every year since the first cases were found in , from 0. Increased incidence of dengue fever is associated with the increase of rainfall and temperature in particular years. Up to the year of , a climate model of Meteorological, Climatological, and Geophysical Agency shows increasing trend of rainfall and temperature. Along with its unsuccessful of Indonesia dengue fever control program will lead challenges to reduce dengue fever endemic in the future.

Season, Season, Season, Season, Season, Season, Season, Season. All Months, May, June, July, August.

Either your web browser doesn’t support Javascript or it is currently turned off. In the latter case, please turn on Javascript support in your web browser and reload this page. Dengue fever, a mosquito-borne viral disease in humans, has been endemic in many Southeast Asian countries. Since its first outbreak in in Foshan, Guangdong province, China, dengue has been continually epidemic in recent years in Guangdong, which raised the concern whether dengue infection is endemic in Guangdong.

In this study, we performed phylogenetic, recombinant, and nucleotide variation analyses of complete genome sequences of dengue virus serotypes 1—4 DENV collected from to in 18 of 21 cities of Guangdong. Phylogenetic analyses revealed that DENV sequences did not form a single cluster, indicating that dengue fever was not endemic in Guangdong, although DENV co-circulated in Guangdong. Twenty intra-serotype recombinant isolates involving DENV were detected, but no inter-serotype recombinant events were identified in this study.

Nucleotide variation analyses showed that no significant intra-serotype differences were observed, whereas more significant inter-subtype differences were discovered in non-structural genes than in structural genes. Our investigation will facilitate the understanding of the current prevalent status of dengue fever in Guangdong and contribute to designing more effective preventive and control strategies for dengue infection.

In , dengue fever was first reported in Guangdong province, China, and this has been continuously prevalent in Guangdong in recent years. This is responsible for the heavy burden on the control of dengue, and raises the concern about whether dengue outbreaks have become endemic in Guangdong. Previous studies based on single E gene or few full-length genome sequences were inconclusive.

In this study, we sequenced DENV complete genomes of DENV obtained from to in Guangdong and further analyzed the epidemiological and molecular characteristics.

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This page uses “javascript” to display properly. Javascript is not enabled in your browser, so some features on this page may not work correctly. The development of vaccines continued at a fairly slow rate until the last several decades when new scientific discoveries and technologies led to rapid advances in virology, molecular biology, and vaccinology. The chart which follows displays many of the vaccine- and immunization-related events that have occurred since Jenner’s critical discovery.

African swine fever (ASF) is a highly lethal disease of domestic pigs caused by swine fever virus: proposal for a new classification and molecular dating of the virus. PLoS One. Jul 25;8(7):e doi: /

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The disease is endemic in forest areas in Africa and Latin America leading to epizootics in monkeys that constitute the reservoir of the disease. There are two forms of YF: sylvatic, transmitted accidentally when approaching the forests, and urban, which can be perpetuated by Aedes aegypti. In Brazil, the last case of urban YF occurred in

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Our Covid related resources page includes a list of some existing resources which may be useful when researching issues related to COVID Australian Institute of Health and Welfare Rheumatic heart disease and acute rheumatic fever in Australia: CVD Canberra: AIHW. Australian Institute of Health and Welfare. AIHW, Canberra: AIHW; Get citations as an Endnote file : Endnote.

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